This song is for the girls all around the world. Girls, I know what you got deep inside, and I just wanna say something. So, listen..

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Anonymous asked:
And of this one too please "송지은 '예쁜 나이 25살' M/V 촬영 현장 Song Jieun Pretty Age 25 MV Making Film"? Thx!

Finally done~!

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Jieun ‘25’ MV Filming Requested by Anonymous

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T-ara Live: Why Are You Being Like This: Hyomin

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Anonymous asked:
Can you make a gifs set of "송지은 Song Jieun 25(스물 다섯) 앨범 자켓 메이킹 Jacket Making Film" please? Thx!


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Jieun ‘25’ Jacket Filming Requested by Anonymous

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Lost in Translation: Jackson is proud of his noona (Humour)

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put a k-pop group in my ask and I’ll tell you:


  • my bias order:
  • my current favourite song by them:
  • member I want to be best friends with:
  • member I’d want as my sibling:
  • who I like to pair any other the members with (romantically or otherwise):
  • if I own any albums of theirs (if so, pictures):
  • if I have any posters of them (if so, pictures):
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