HA:TFELT (Ye Eun) – Nothing Lasts Forever (다운)

The sadder you were, the brighter you got
The more in pain, the more you laughed

You were curious about so many things
You had so much you wanted to do
So child-like

Words I didn’t say to you back then
Words I couldn’t say to you back then

Nothing lasts forever
Nothing lasts forever
Everything will disappear some day
As if it was never there

But I’m here to remember
You’ll always be remembered
I’ll remember you and me and this winter

Letting go of you, in the photo you look better than anyone else
It feels a little unfamiliar
Promises that weren’t kept remain deep inside my heart
It tortures me

If only I sang for you back then
If only I sang this song for you back then

You asked why it was you
Sometimes you resented God
Have you found the reason why
Will you tell me as well?

lyrics from pop!gasa

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Requested by Anonymous

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Anonymous asked:
Hi, can you make gifs of this video "140906 SECRET SUMMER 신나라 팬 사인회 (송지은 Ver.)" please? Thank you very much. ^-^


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I have so many reviews to do so I just collected all the significant comebacks to me from July and August. I’m going to attempt to make it as short as possible.

Red Velvet - Happiness
I was so disappointed by everything when this first came out, it honestly sounded like an f(x) reject that had been sitting in the dusty attic for some years. However, this has really grown on me and while I’m still not fond of the chorus, it’s pretty fun and catchy. 5/10

4L - Move
Wow. The dance moves are really…interesting. Surprisingly though, shitty m/v leaves room for pretty decent song, a song I thought at first listen was better than Red Velvet’s debut. 5/10

Ha:tfelt - Me? (Album)
Holy mother of all that is good in this world. Oomf. Quite possibly the best k-pop album I’ve heard and I’m so happy for that. She really tried her all with the entire album, every track is stunning. 10/10

Secret - I’m in Love
Not really in love, but in like. Definitely grew on me a lot, the single is pretty awesome, and the mv hello thank you ts for giving them this gorgeous mv. I love their cute concepts but fierce concepts from them are amazing. Do Better is my favourite song from them, I need more of that style. 8/10

Sistar - Touch My Body & I Swear
Touch my body? Meh. I Swear? M.E.H. Really disappointed with both, I was hoping for something as good as Give it to me and Alone which are amazing. TMB: 5/10 IS: 4.5/10

Orange Caramel - My Copycat
It’s no Catallena but it’s still a real bop that I will dance to when I’m alone in the house. I love the instruments used and the theme for the mv. 7/10

Stellar - Mask
The underrated queens of K-pop. Well, that’s debatable. I think since Marionette, Stellar has been doing great in quality. This is such an underrated song, maybe not a huge dance song but it sounds pretty great. 7.8/10

EXID - Up & Down
Can I have a coke(Fiestar’s One More)? You only have Pepsi(U&D)? …I guess I’ll have that… I don’t even like coke or pepsi but this is the general feel about those drinks, when they don’t sell coke but they sell pepsi and you’re kinda forced to settle. Sorry, EXID, I was really hoping you’d pull a great song out after such a long hiatus but I hoped too high. 5.5/10

Girl’s Day - Darling
A disappointment that actually grew on me a lot. 6.5/10

Hyuna - Red
Surprisingly loved it, m/v and all. 7.4/10

Little Kids Hyosung & Seungri

Rest in peace.

I was going to stay away completely but I felt compelled to say something.

For the short time that they were with us, and the even shorter time they were with us as Ladies’ Code, I will never forget. It feels like yesterday I was saying ‘they’re definitely going to be in my second generation of favourites’ and I was smiling at how they’re like my Wonder Girls. This tragedy doesn’t feel real, it feels as though someone is just playing a sick joke but no… There is so much death in the media in 2014, my heart hurts to no end. However, let us take this as a time to remember the beautiful Eunbi and Risae as they were, and hope they are looking down on us with happiness in their hearts. Please, for the sake of yourself and your family and all those that love you, wear a seat belt.

Rest in peace.

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Hiatus until 20th September

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Anonymous asked:
Hi, it's me again aha. ^-^ Please, can you make a gif of Jieun at 2:25 to 2:30 almost in this video "[직캠] 140811 시크릿SECRET - I'm In Love [오픈쇼케이스] by drighk" ? Thank you so much, & have a nice day !

Finally done! So sorry to keep you waiting!

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Jieun behind the scenes requested by Jieun Anon

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Requested by Jieun Anon

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