Rest in peace.

I was going to stay away completely but I felt compelled to say something.

For the short time that they were with us, and the even shorter time they were with us as Ladies’ Code, I will never forget. It feels like yesterday I was saying ‘they’re definitely going to be in my second generation of favourites’ and I was smiling at how they’re like my Wonder Girls. This tragedy doesn’t feel real, it feels as though someone is just playing a sick joke but no… There is so much death in the media in 2014, my heart hurts to no end. However, let us take this as a time to remember the beautiful Eunbi and Risae as they were, and hope they are looking down on us with happiness in their hearts. Please, for the sake of yourself and your family and all those that love you, wear a seat belt.

Rest in peace.

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Hiatus until 20th September

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Anonymous asked:
Hi, it's me again aha. ^-^ Please, can you make a gif of Jieun at 2:25 to 2:30 almost in this video "[직캠] 140811 시크릿SECRET - I'm In Love [오픈쇼케이스] by drighk" ? Thank you so much, & have a nice day !

Finally done! So sorry to keep you waiting!

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Jieun behind the scenes requested by Jieun Anon

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Requested by Jieun Anon

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Anonymous asked:
Can you do a gifs set about Jieun in the mv and an other in the making film? Thank you so much. <3

Done! bts is on the way x

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Jieun moments in I’m in Love requested by Jieun Anon

You are entering the white room…

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13-16/ gifs of SECRET ; OT4

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